Dec 212020

The critical role Non-Executive Directors and Trustees play in Executive performance.

by J A Sutherland

Ensuring General Wisdom: The practical guide for non-executive directors and trustees on how to get the best out of executives covering: leadership, culture, business models and conduct of business. Discover the four drivers of culture: trust, communication, decision making and incentives. Find out why understanding corporate failure increases the chances of corporate success and that learning from history is difficult but essential.




Dec 112020

The Non-Executive Director's Guide to Effective Board Presence

by Gerry Brown

Independent Chairmen and Directors play a crucial role in business today. This comprehensive, global guide provides a unique insight into what it's like to be an Independent Chairman and Director, the contributions made to companies, and the challenges faced in these roles. It features a large range of international case studies from different sectors, which are used to explore eight central themes critical to business today. Supported by academic research and interviews with business leaders, the book provides a rare emphasis on 'soft skills', the importance of cultural flexibility, relationship building, and the value to boards of an independent perspective. It is essential reading both for current and aspiring Independent Chairmen or Directors, as well as for companies seeking to improve their boards.




Dec 112020

The Definitive Guide to Gaining a Non-Executive Directorship

by David Schwarz

There are many things in life that you cannot prepare for but the board appointment process is not one of them. Non-executive board directors often describe finding their first directorship as an arduous and time-consuming process. More experienced board members suggest finding subsequent board roles equally challenging. For these reasons, the biggest mistake most people make when considering their board career is not starting the process early enough and not understanding how board appointments are made. Regardless of your approach, the process of finding and being appointed to a board takes a certain amount of skill and practice. This book provides practical advice, clearly written, to help get you on a board and 'dare them not to appoint you'.



Dec 102020

The whole can of Non-Executive worms has been subject to investigation, reappraisal and some rigorous new rulings

by Ade Asefeso Mcips Mba

Non Executive Directors used to be caricatured as cronies of the Chairman (who is also a Non Executive Director) or Ceo. Fat cats, freeloading members of the "old boy network", retirees who wanted to have somewhere to go other than the golf club for a decent lunch and a chat. Not an attractive scenario and for various reasons, but not least because of numerous serious corporate scandals where shareholders were left unprotected, the whole can of Non Executive worms has been subject to investigation, reappraisal and some rigorous new rulings. Most people have heard the term Non Executive Director without actually knowing what they are, much less what they can potentially do for a start-ups or growing business. A well chosen Non Executive director can be key to good governance but getting that first Non Executive Director appointment can be tricky.



Dec 052020

An accessible and practical guide for Non-Executive Directors

by Brian Coyle

The Non-Executive Directors’ Handbook has been refreshed and fully updated for this 5th edition and, given the increasingly significant role played by Non-Executive Directors in the independent oversight of organisations, it acts as an essential source of reference and route map for the role.

The Handbook is published by ICSA Publishing for the Non-Executive Directors’ Association (NEDA), and represents an accessible and practical guide for Non-Executive Directors at each stage of their NED career, from aspiring NEDs to retiring NEDs, as well as for their advisers – particularly company secretaries.

This revised edition reflects the most recent legislation and regulation, including the UK Corporate Governance Code, guidance on board effectiveness, as well as the broader developments in strategy, risk management and financial reporting requirements.

The Handbook guides the reader through the lifecycle of being a Non-Executive Director, starting with pre-appointment, developing a portfolio career and succession planning, addressing along the way topics such as legal duties and liabilities, boardroom behaviour and dynamics and the role NEDs play on board committees.



Dec 052020

Non-Executive Directors: The BDO Stoy Hayward Guide for Growing Businesses

by Rupert Merson

The essential guide for anyone running a small business who wants to make it grow, avoiding the pitfalls which bring so many companies down. There are hundreds - no thousands - of books for managers in large corporations or multi-nationals. And there are a handful of guides to running small businesses. Amazingly, there are no books on medium sized enterprises - despite the fact that they are the most vibrant and successful part of the economy. This is the one of the first in a series of four on the key functions in running any growing business (chairmen, financial directors, managing directors and non-executive directors) written specifically to help medium sized enterprises grow successfully and avoid the mistakes that ruin so many. The problems vary from personality clashes (horribly common), to running out of cash, ill-thought out expansion plans and misconceived acquisitions. Short, concisely written, and with clear, helpful advice, this is the essential guide - born from great experience - to help businesses grow successfully.


Dec 022020

Role of the Non-Executive Director in the Small to Medium Sized Businesses

by John Smithson

The contribution of a good non-Executive Director can make a huge difference to a small to medium sized business. But who should fulfil the role? Someone steeped in the culture and methods of a large corporation may not be able to make a valuable contribution to the governance of a small company. If someone already has a job, will they have time to do the role justice? This book addresses the question of what the input of the non-Executive Director should be and how their strengths can best be accessed and applied. The result is a well-researched yet personal discussion of what is entailed, in theory and in practice, in the role of the non-Executive Director.

Dec 012020

The Role and Contribution of Non-Executive Directors (A Director's Guide)

by Institute of Directors

Independent non-executive directors have a vital role to perform on the board and an important contribution to make to the proper running of companies. The growing expectations placed on them have created a need to address several areas of concern in order to maximise their effectiveness.

The Independent Director offers advice and guidance to directors of all types and sizes of companies in understanding the role and contribution of the non-executive director. The different perspectives of small and medium-sized companies, PLCs and institutional investors are highlighted and particular attention paid to the definition and maintenance of the independence of non-executive directors.

This book marks the beginning of the wider Independent Director initiative by Ernst and Young and the institute of Directors, which focuses on the role, interests and needs of non-executive directors.

Nov 272020

What they are and how to become one

by Ray Fox

Have you seen appointments about Non-Executive Directors and ever wondered how they got there? What does it involve? and what could the possible remuneration be?

You may have heard it said “what’s the difference between a Non-Executive Director and a supermarket trolley?”

The answer – “you can usually get more booze into a Non-Executive Director than a supermarket trolley.”

So much for this perception – but what is the reality? This book looks at the duties and responsibilities of what being an NED involves. It looks at the personality traits of a Non-Exec Director and where one might find possible opportunities. We look at the tax implication and also a cautionary word of warning. Template business documents are also included in the appendix.


Nov 272020

How to become effective, get noticed and exercise proper due diligence (Company Directors' Masterclass)

by Richard Winfield (Author)

Obtaining a non-executive directorship can be a valuable objective in furthering your career – either as a stepping stone to an executive role on your main board or in building a portfolio of activities based on your expertise, experience and contacts.

The NED Directors Handbook will help you achieve this goal. It explains how to develop a plan to get yourself noticed, how to exercise due diligence and how to decide whether a particular opportunity is right for you.

Joining a board of directors enables you to make a significant contribution to the success of an organisation as well as bringing personal rewards; but it also involves responsibilities and risks. Where regulation and litigation are concerned, ignorance is not an excuse. That’s why this practical handbook also introduces you to the roles, responsibilities and risks you should be aware of as a director, and provides you with some tools to enable you to become more confident, more effective, more quickly.

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