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Rupert Tate

Finance NED

Senior asset management professional with thirty years experience in financial services. Extensive board level experience, charity trustee and non exec for early stage venture. Proven track record in relationship management, product management and design, and marketing to clients in UK and overseas.
Email: [email protected]
Profile: Investment professional with strong communication and presentation skills

Pitching for new business and managing ongoing client relationships and reporting

Product design development, positioning and marketing

Broad knowledge of financial markets; IMC, FSA registered

Modern languages graduate with extensive international experience and contacts

Board experience, strategic planning and financial modelling.

Current Status: Looking for a NED role
Current and previous Board-level experience: Partner, Sarasin & Partners LLP (2008-2017)

External Member, Lady Margaret Hall Investment Committee (2007-2017)

Trustee, Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra (2006-2017)

Non Executive Director, Koda Music (2016-2017)
Career Record: 2006-17 Sarasin & Partners

2008-17 Partner (appointed 2008).Institutional Team with responsibilities for managing key client relationship in UK and overseas, marketing and business development.

2006-8 Product design and marketing of long short UCITS III pooled vehicles.

1987-2006: Merrill Lynch Investment Managers (MLIM)/Mercury Asset Management (MAM)

2004-6: Product Specialist, Hedge Funds.Product design and marketing.

2000-03: Investment Communication and Sales, Client Coverage Group (cross selling MLIM products through ML).

1997-9: Product Specialist, MLIM European Equity Team.  Marketing and sales, including roll out of MAM products through Merrill’s brokerage network in US.  Investment research responsibility for European Utility Sector.

1994-7: Mercury Bank, Geneva.  Client relationship, asset management and marketing for Spanish clients.

1993 Attached to McKinsey team reviewing MAM business (6 months). Review of French Asset Management market and proposed acquisition of French asset management business (based in Paris for 3 months).

1989-93 Fund Manager, MAM European Equity Team. Direct Continental European investments for institutional clients.  Research responsibilities for Spain (89-91) and France (91-93), Construction sector. Co-authored paper for MAM’s largest client on outlook for and impact of breakup of Warsaw Pact post 1989.

1988: Santander Warburg Asset Management, Madrid. Asset management for institutional accounts (primarily in Spanish equity market).

1987: MAM European Equity Team.  Research responsibility for Italian market.

1986-7 Cazenove and Co:  Graduate trainee.



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