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Non-Executive Director training courses for new and current NEDs

Guine Pig Director

Don't be a Guinea Pig - get trained to be a NED!

non-executive director training courseThe Non-Executive Director role, whilst seeming to be a natural transition for executive directors, does require different skills and mindset so it is advisable for those seeking to obtain a Non-Executive Director position to take advantage of the specialist training courses that are available.

Current Non-Executive Directors will also want to continue their development in the role by updating their knowledge and skills.

At the very least, all Non-Executive Directors or Trustees should have a basic understanding of their legal responsibilities and what is expected of them in the role.

There is a wide range of NED and Trustee training programmes on offer with costs varying between £300 and £900 for a 1-day course.

When choosing a course there are a number of questions you might like to consider:

  • Does the course fee include VAT?
  • Are there any discounts or special rates for booking early?
  • Are there special rates for their own members?
  • Do they have an affiliate relationship with any groups you may be already be a member of?
  • Are there any recommendations from previous delegates?
  • Who is the course leader and what is their background and expertise
  • Does the training count towards your CPD?

If you are looking for a course because you are thinking about becoming a NED does it include the following topics?

  • Introduction to NED roles and responsibilities
  • Legal Liabilities and Corporate Governance
  • Directors liability and Directors & Officers Insurance – legal implications
  • The annual audit
  • Accepting a NED appointment
  • The board of directors and the role of the NEDs
  • The nomination committee
  • The remuneration committee
  • The audit committee Internal control and risk management
  • Performance evaluation
  • Managing your career
  • Finding your first role

The following table lists courses available in the UK - if you are a course provider and your course is not listed here, please contact [email protected] and we will add it to the list.

 Course Title Provider Venue(s) Duration Cost Discounts
Non-Executive Directors Programme BVCA London 2 days £3,790 (ex VAT) BVCA members £1,895 (ex VAT)
Becoming an effective Non-Executive Director Cass Business School London 1 day £975
Being an Effective Non-Executive Director Civil Service College London ½ day £550 (ex VAT)
The Non-Executive Directors' Seminar Cranfield University Cranfield 2 days £2,250 (ex VAT)
How to become a Non-Executive Director Excellencia Birmingham
1 day £330 (ex VAT) NEDworks Tier1 members £280 (ex VAT)
The Effective Non-Executive Director Excellencia Birmingham
1 day £330 (ex VAT) NEDworks Tier1 members £280 (ex VAT)
Non-Executive Director Diploma Financial Times London 6 months £5,940 (inc VAT)
So You Want To Be a Non-Executive Director? Financial Times London ½ day £900 (inc VAT) FT NED club members £840 (inc VAT)
Effective Non-Executive Director Programme Financial Times London 2 days £1,800 (inc VAT) FT NED Club members £1,680 (inc VAT)
Non-Exec Workshop First Flight London 1 day £500 (ex VAT)
Non-Executive Directors' Programme ICSA London 1 day £500 (ex VAT) ICSA members£400 (ex VAT)
ICSA students£300 (ex VAT)
Role of the Non-Executive Director Institute of Directors London 1 day £955 (ex VAT) IoD Members £795 (ex VAT)
Essential Training Course for Non-Executive Directors NEDA London 1 day £450 (inc VAT)
How to become an effective Non-Executive Director NEDonBoard London, Manchester, Edinburgh 1 day £1,147 (inc VAT) NEDonBoard Members £947 (inc VAT)
NHS trust and foundation trust non-executive directors programme NHS
Cass Business School
London 3 days £2,400 Preferred rate £2,160
The Risk Management challenges for Non-Executive Directors RCN Risk Management Resource London 1/2 day
1 day

non-executive directorHaving invested the time and money in attending one of the above courses you will then need to ensure that you make the most of your background, skills and experience by preparing your Non-Executive Director CV and accompanying letter of application.

You will find advice on how to produce an effective NED CV here

Join NEDworks as a Tier1 member today to get your free NED CV review and other membership benefits

As a Tier1 member of NEDworks you are entitled to a discount on all courses offered by Excellencia

The most popular course How to become a Non-Executive Director is a 1-day course delivered in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford and Bristol at regular intervals.

Details of other Excellencia courses for Non-Executive Directors can be found here

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