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Recommendation Author
How to become a Non-Executive Director

An excellent course giving a clear picture of the role, the skills and characteristics required, the range of NED opportunities and the various routes to secure such positions. Particularly helpful focus on shaping your CV for this sector and the key skills required. As a bonus you also meet interesting people and useful contacts. A good career investment which will hopefully deliver quick, positive results..

John Hoy
Independent Heritage Consultant - Hoy Consultancy; Chief Executive - Castle Howard and Owner, The Hoy 1997 Settlement.
Marketing for Non-Marketing Directors

Right from the start of the Marketing for Non-Marketing Directors course, the importance of marketing strategy to the future of any company was made plain; Duncan was very clear about the pivotal nature of the role of the board in marketing strategy, and the consequences - for the long-term sustainability of the company - of failure to engage. I consider myself duly forewarned!

Chris Jones
Managing Director Meta Mission Data
Sales for Non-Sales Directors

John delivered a thought provoking and insightful workshop. Ideal for Non-Executive Directors aspiring to fully understand sales and how to create strategic commercial value at board level

Alastair McIvor
Director of AMT Ltd
How to become a Non-Executive Director

This course is a must for any aspiring NED and even established NED's as a refresher. The content and its delivery were well paced, informative and challenging in equal measures, led by a seasoned expert whose capabilities provide a wealth of knowledge to be drawn upon. Incredible value for money and should be part of a suite of courses leading to a more formal qualification for aspiring NED's. 100% recommended, you will not be disappointed.

Jon Cross
Managing Director at Essenjay Associates Ltd
Marketing for Non-Marketing Directors

Well worth the time! Duncan has packed a lot of information into the course, which reminded me of all the things I should be thinking about, and doing something about in my own business, and also sent me away with some action items. Highly recommended!

Andrew Stacey
Founder, Cellular Systems
Sales for Non-Sales Directors

I found this very useful , John really knew his stuff and made this engaging and materials were spot on and good interaction with other members on the course which added to the skill 'sharing'- I learned a lot.

John Smith
IT Resources Ltd.
How to become a Non-Executive Director

I attended this course shortly after starting my first Non-Executive Director role and found David’s expertise and insight to be invaluable. The course also covers practical things such as how to go about finding Non-Executive Director roles – and so last week (6 months after I attended the course) I started my second NED role, and have an interview for a third one next week. I can highly recommend attending this course for current or aspiring NEDs.

Neil Stevens
Director, Sirius Partners Ltd, NED for Bristol Community Health and Stalis Ltd
How to become a Non-Executive Director

This course was excellent and greatly exceeded my expectations. The course format is interactive, with small-group teaching in a seminar/workshop format, led by an experienced Chartered Director who generously shared his personal experience

Christine Wilson
Non-executive Director, Multi-Academy Trust
I recently attended David's "How to become a Non-Executive Director" course. I can highly recommend this comprehensive and value-for-money all-day course. Class numbers were kept at a manageable size for maximum interaction, enabling everyone to contribute and get the most out of the day. It was interesting to note that the course attracted a diverse range of interested participants, ranging from someone in their first job to an experienced member of committees, to someone who had substantial work experience, quite removed from the corporate arena, who wanted to learn about and explore opportunities as an NED. The course content was extremely relevant and helpful including the different routes to becoming an NED. On the basis of this training, attendees could feel more confident about embarking on the next stage of applying for opportunities leading in the long-term to an NED role or two. David clearly has a wealth of experience and is to be congratulated for his extremely useful training that has been pitched at the right (user-friendly) level for participants from diverse backgrounds. Sally Aitchison
Head of Legal
How to become a Non-Executive Director
The course was a really thorough grounding in what it means to be a non-exec director and how you can apply your knowledge and skills to the role to good effect. The combination of useful information about corporate governance and directors’ liabilities, a very experienced and insightful course lead in the form of David Doughty, and practical exercises about how to address particular situations that NEDs can expect to face made for a very interesting session, but also one which was directly applicable to my new role.
Jane Ginnever FRSA
Founding Director, SHIFT
How to become a Non-Executive Director
An invaluable course for anyone looking for NED roles. Expertly delivered, honest and action focussed. Extremely useful materials. Feel much better equipped for to pursue opportunities as a NED.
Sumita Hutchison
Chair of the Interim Commissioner for Race Equality, Lawyer
How to become a Non-Executive Director
The material, the course leader’s insights, and the opportunity to share thoughts and feelings with similarly inclined business people, made for a really valuable day. I came away with some clear actions.
Bernard Grenville-Jones
Chairman | NED | Entrepreneur
How to become a Non-Executive Director
This one day course is an excellent overview, providing real advice and very helpful information for those Directors who are interested in developing a non-exec portfolio
Julian Dennis
Director Compliance & Sustainability at Wessex Water, Bath, United Kingdom
How to become a Non-Executive Director
I found the course very helpful, as I wanted to understand in detail what a NED role entailed. I felt that I gained enough information not only to decide if this was the sort of role that I would be interested in, but also to be able to function in such a role. The guidance on seeking appointments was an added bonus. It was also an interesting day with a varied group of delegates and I would happily recommend it.
Julia Iball
 Managing Partner at Henmans LLP
How to become a Non-Executive Director
As an introduction to the world of NED's this course is well structured to give an honest and practical insight in to how to identify and prepare for a move in this direction. Money well spent!
John Cooper
Vice President, North West Europe at Weber-Stephen Products LLC United Kingdom
How to become a Non-Executive Director
Having attended this course in the last few months I can confirm its value. Having held NED roles in my favoured area of engineering and manufacturing David opens the mind to the potential of other sectors and using ones transferable skills. Have set a strategy for personnel growth as NED – if I could just stop getting interim assignments!!!
Tony Hurley
Interim Manager in Manufacturing Recovery
I found the How to become a Non-Executive Director course very informative and well presented. I would recommend it as a good overview of Board Function and personal requirements. It gave me clarity about things I thought I already knew but clearly did not. The small number of attendees made for a more personal interactive day which we all appreciated Maire Brankin
Director at Oxford Executive
How to become a Non-Executive Director
A great introduction to the world of NEDs; well-structured and expertly delivered.
Tony Gunby
OBE MA FCMI, E-Commerce and Trusts Fundraiser at Helen & Douglas House
How to become a Non-Executive Director
Excellent course giving a clear picture of the role, the skills and characteristics required, the range of NED opportunities and the various routes to secure such positions. As a bonus you also meet interesting people and useful contacts. A good career investment.
Mark Lambert
Non-Executive Director
How to become a Non-Executive Director
I can thoroughly recommend this very well structured and informative course. It provides an excellent introduction to the remit, capabilities and attributes of NEDs.
Jim Whelan
Owner ORO Solutions Ltd
How to become a Non-Executive Director
Well structured and informative course with plenty of time/room for group discussions. Ideal for anyone looking at NED roles.
Luke Ireland, Business leader and Non Executive Director
How to become a Non-Executive Director
I can thoroughly recommend this course and David. As well as meeting interesting colleagues, a great way to understand compliance, personal capabilities and skills needed to fulfil a NED role. A helpful and well structured intro into the NED world.
Alli Hooton, Managing Consultant at 3103 Human Resources Ltd
Finance for Non-Finance Directors
Philip had an excellent wealth of experience & practical knowledge of a wide number of industries and was really warm & welcoming- An asset to the course!
Alana Chalmers, Marketing Management & Business Development
Finance for Non-Finance Directors
Knowledgeable presenter Good solid coverage of core financial concepts - P&L, balance sheet, ratios
Greg Watson
Chief Executive at GL Education Group
How to become a Non-Executive Director
A well structured and presented introduction to the responsibilities, challenges and attributes required of being a NED. It was thought-provoking. I have referred back to my copious comments in the comprehensive slide hand outs many times already
Simon C Jones
Interim Transformation Leader and Hidden Value Discoverer
How to become a Non-Executive Director
I can recommend this course, it is very informative and will confirm research, skill requirements, responsibilities and legal obligations for a successful NED (NXD) role. Good interaction, networking with delegates and time for Q&A.
Jim Gaudoin
Director of Bruel & Kjaer VTS Limited
Unlike many courses I have attended in the past, How to become a Non-Executive Director went beyond just the technical aspects of being a 'Non-Exec', and reflected on the differences in the approach required compared to being an Exec Director.
It allows you to make a fully informed decision on whether a Non Exec role is right for you, and if it is, how to go about finding opportunities.
An invaluable day of learning!
Alastair Lewis
Managing Director at Carlisle Support Services Ltd
How to become a Non-Executive Director is an essential introduction for those who seriously wish to pursue Non Executive Director Roles. The course, led by David Doughty an experienced and knowledgeable NED, is focused on the key information required to achieve your first position. It includes a discussion of the Non Executive Director Role, duties and liabilities, the relevant skill set and valid approaches to securing a NED position. The day includes case study work as well as interactive discussions of the course material.
I thoroughly recommend this course which is good value for money.
Nick Randle OBE Consultant/Interim Manager/Non-Executive Director
I recently attended the Excellencia one-day course on 'How to become a Non-Executive Director' run by David Doughty; a very experienced director. Prior to booking I researched a number of providers and found a high degree of commonality in course content. However, Excellencia's fee was significantly lower than others, and around half that of one well-known provider. David covered all the salient points in a very professional and timely manner and was able to answer all my questions. I believe I am now well-prepared for NED roles and am very happy to recommend this course to those looking to follow a similar path. Ian Kirkby BSc, D.Mgmt, FCMI, FILM, FIC, MIoD, MCGI
Interim Business Development Director at Association of Police and Crime Commissioners
Having attended Social Media for Beginners, I have both a fuller understanding of the positive impact that appropriate use of social media could have on my business and better technical knowledge of the different tools available. I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to engage in cost neutral but effective marketing. Paul Mayo
Chairman at SaRS | Managing Director at SQEP Ltd
Thank you for the interesting session on Social Media that I attended recently.
It was very thought provoking, and I left armed with a list of actions to take to improve the on-line presence of my business.
Thanks again.
Sarah Schofield
Owner of SchofieldVA, providing a wide range of business support services
How to become a Non-Executive Director
Helpful and fulsome in opening up the channel of Non-Executive Director as a career path. I know considerably more about what is required and expected now and, of real practical benefit, how to go about seeking and finding a rewarding role as an NED. Highly recommended.
James Millar
Company Director, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Lawyer, Trustee
How to become a Non-Executive Director
David Doughty’s obvious experience and credibility, the course material and structure and the quality of attendees meant that the course was worth every penny. I now have a full appreciation of the many balls to be juggled in order to become a successful Non-Executive Director
Sunil Chadda
Alternative Investments professional
How to become a Non-Executive Director
A really useful day for anyone with serious intentions of becoming a NED. The event was well structured with a good balance between the theory of corporate governance and NED responsibilities as well as allowing plenty of time for sharing experiences through group interaction
Mike Jones
Director of OBS Management Consultants Limited
How to become a Non-Executive Director
I would thoroughly recommend this course. It gave me an excellent overview of the role of a NED and a clear steer on how best to look for and be successful in becoming a NED. All my pre course questions were answered. The examples the tutor gave were interesting and stimulated good debate. The small size of the group allowed questions and good dialogue. Look no further for a course on this subject
Helen Sharpe Managing Director of Education Division Priory Group
How to become a Non-Executive Director
The course covered the background to governance comprehensively but more usefully for me was some of the practical issues in becoming a non-executive director, particularly in the SME sector
Graham Matthews
I recently attended David's one day introduction How to become a Non-Executive Director as part of my own professional development and to gain some insights for my clients too. David's breadth of experience, knowledge and practical guidance is inspiring. He is refreshingly frank, engaging and practical so I now have some next steps in terms of further reading, resources and action planning.
I would highly recommend David to anyone thinking about taking on a NED role
Kim Jones
Business Consultant & Coach, Director at High Growth Knowledge Company
I had the pleasure of attending a recent How to become a Non-Executive Director course that David ran.
As someone who not only runs their own business, has had a career and built up experience the opportunity to learn more about this was too good to miss.
David’s experience and expertise shone through as the day progressed – beginning with the roles, responsibilities, the legal aspects , the liabilities – all explained with examples of the good, the bad and the ugly of what has happened. David went through the skillset and actual case studies based on his career as an NED in all three sectors. This enabled there to be some great discussions where questions were answered. The structure of the day that David put together was second to none as I was taken through a well organised and flowing workshop – culminating in how I would secure a NED position. What was refreshing was the fact that David continually referred to his experience and not what you’d find in a text book coupled with a wealth of resources that are available. I would wholeheartedly recommend attending one of Excellencia courses that David runs and to point others that you know who may be interested in David’s direction.
Sean Humby
Director & host - Business Network (SW) Ltd, lunch time networking. And Accredited Sales through Service licensee
As someone who is looking to move into a Non-Executive Director role I found Excellencia's How to become a Non-Executive Director Course invaluable. It gives you a clear overview of what is required from a NED and helpful advice about how one goes about obtaining a position. It is also a very useful course for Businesses that are looking at implementing Board structure and responsibilities.
David Doughty leads the various sessions in a clear, concise & helpful manner
Alan Clydesdale
Providing Business Advisory Services to SMEs
How to become a Non-Executive Director
I found the day stimulating and informative. It confirmed many of the areas I was aware of working with a Board as a Company Secretary and refreshed my knowledge on some of the legal aspects of the role
Barbara Suggitt
Company Secretary at Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
How to become a Non-Executive Director
I recently attended Excellencia's NED course written and run by the highly experienced David Doughty. In one day you cover an enormous amount of ground where the topics include, Governance, Risk, Information, Due Diligence, Solvency, NED role including required skills, duties and liabilities and finally how to win a position. I recommend it highly.
Nick Bailey
Managing Director at Apexselling Limited
I found the How to become a Non-Executive Director workshop really insightful and useful in helping understand both the role of an NED and with creating your own plan on becoming an NED. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is considering doing just that. Dave Harrison
Co-Founder and Director at 10Eighty
Having attended one of David's Social Media seminars in the past, can I highly commend anyone still sitting on the bottom rung, watching everyone else climb the social media engagement ladder, to attend, listen and be enlightened by what David will no doubt convey Sam Finlay
Experts in Creating Engaging Video & Animated Videos that Explain the Value of What You Do.
roger-willsI had the pleasure of attending the "How to Become a Non-Executive Director" one day course in Bristol yesterday delivered by David Doughty. The content, course leader and fellow attendees were a breath of fresh air. I went with an open mind, unsure whether my skill set and experiences were suitable and allow me to offer any value to a board. I left with no doubt that they were.The course content was really informative and very pragmatic. At end of the day, not only did I understand the role and liabilities of a NED but also the legal framework within which they operate, the more technical areas that you need to be familiar with, where to find out more information specific to the company you are working with and how to find a NED position in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Above all though, I left with the confidence that I really did have something to offer.

For anyone wondering whether their future may include a NED position, I would recommend that you consider this course as a good starting point.

Roger Wills

Managing Director at Wills & Blair Ltd

I really enjoyed the last meeting. The seminar in particular was the best Social Media session I have attended. I have managed to grow my twitter following from 50 to 582 and counting ! Ed Kenworthy

IT Consultant at Alphatec Systems Ltd

How to become a Non-Executive Director
David is a solid expert. The overview of the role of a NED was very well presented. Highly recommended.
Jean-Philippe Perraud

Founder at NEDonBoard

interesting seminar on Social Media by David Doughty - I came away with 2 pages of things to do, which I got started on when I got home Inge Dowden

Business Growth & Happiness Coach at Inge Dowden Coaching

How to become a Non-Executive Director
I thought the course was enlightening and very rich in content. I particularly liked the balance of case study analysis with emphasis on a NED's key responsibility. It was well structured and I'm sure I speak on behalf of all those who were present, when I say that the course offers a great deal of value to any aspiring or even existing NED who wants to make a success of their role
Poku Osei

Programme Director at Babbasa

How to become a Non-Executive Director
I attended the 19th July course in Bristol and found it to be very informative. Not only was there a wealth of technical information provided but there were numerous case studies - based on real incidents - which were really thought provoking.I would happily recommend this course to anybody who is considering taking up the challenge of being a Non-Executive Director
Andy Farrall

Founder/ Director of Management & Safety Training Ltd

David's 'How to become a Non-Executive Director' course is truly excellent. He provides context, knowledge and insight, with practical illumination from his own extensive personal experience. He is endlessly patient, deeply informative and always interesting to listen to. I cannot recommend this course too highly Chris Kenber
Practical business coach bringing clarity and energy to help ambitious business owners raise their game
How to become a Non-Executive Director
The course was well constructed and delivered by David who has extensive knowledge of a range of boards, their structure and governance. It was particularly helpful to me as I am new to applying for NED roles and the guidance made me totally rethink what is required from the application process – i.e. this is not an operational role!  The delegate group was of a suitable size to allow for interaction and sharing of ideas and experience
 Jane Paine

Chief Executive Officer at Age UK North Lincolnshire Ltd

How to become a Non-Executive Director
I did the course in Bristol, in January on a chilly day. I received a warm welcome however and David brought the subject matter to life, made it practical, and tailored it to our specific objectives. The course structure made sense, we had enjoyable discussions, and the other people on the course (as usual with such things) were a good resource too. I can recommend it fully to anyone considering it. You’ll be in capable and experienced hands.
 Alex Nichols

Director at Alex Nichols Consulting Ltd

I had the great pleasure in attending David's "How to become a Non-Executive Director" course in Bristol recently and found it an enormously informative insight into the responsibilities and realities of becoming a Non-Executive Director. If you're looking to get your first Non-Executive Director position and want a better understanding of the implications of such roles, I thoroughly recommend this course.

Jonathan O'Shea

Managing Director at The Alternative Board (Bristol North)


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