Nov 272020

How to become effective, get noticed and exercise proper due diligence (Company Directors' Masterclass)

by Richard Winfield (Author)

Obtaining a non-executive directorship can be a valuable objective in furthering your career – either as a stepping stone to an executive role on your main board or in building a portfolio of activities based on your expertise, experience and contacts.

The NED Directors Handbook will help you achieve this goal. It explains how to develop a plan to get yourself noticed, how to exercise due diligence and how to decide whether a particular opportunity is right for you.

Joining a board of directors enables you to make a significant contribution to the success of an organisation as well as bringing personal rewards; but it also involves responsibilities and risks. Where regulation and litigation are concerned, ignorance is not an excuse. That’s why this practical handbook also introduces you to the roles, responsibilities and risks you should be aware of as a director, and provides you with some tools to enable you to become more confident, more effective, more quickly.

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