Dec 052020

Non-Executive Directors: The BDO Stoy Hayward Guide for Growing Businesses

by Rupert Merson

The essential guide for anyone running a small business who wants to make it grow, avoiding the pitfalls which bring so many companies down. There are hundreds - no thousands - of books for managers in large corporations or multi-nationals. And there are a handful of guides to running small businesses. Amazingly, there are no books on medium sized enterprises - despite the fact that they are the most vibrant and successful part of the economy. This is the one of the first in a series of four on the key functions in running any growing business (chairmen, financial directors, managing directors and non-executive directors) written specifically to help medium sized enterprises grow successfully and avoid the mistakes that ruin so many. The problems vary from personality clashes (horribly common), to running out of cash, ill-thought out expansion plans and misconceived acquisitions. Short, concisely written, and with clear, helpful advice, this is the essential guide - born from great experience - to help businesses grow successfully.


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