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Buckinghamshire New University - Independent Member of Council


Would you like to help drive the University through the next phase of its development?

Buckinghamshire New University has an ambitious programme of growth and redevelopment and it is seeking exceptional candidates to join its governing body, the Council from 1 August 2016.

As a member of Council you will play a key role in ensuring that the University continues to pursue its vision of being a “leading professorial and creative influence, shaping higher education for the benefit of people and employers”.

Enthusiasm, energy and an interest in higher education are key requirements.  Skills and expertise related to arts and creative industry including creative enterprise would be particularly welcome, as would individuals with regional connections to Buckinghamshire.

Ideally applicants should have board level experience or hold prominent or senior positions within their workplace.  Successful candidates will have excellent interpersonal skills and must be committed to working as part of a team with other Council members and the senior staff of the University.

This is a part-time non remunerated position requiring a commitment of around eight days per annum (nine or ten late afternoon/early evening meetings).  Expenses are paid for travel and subsistence in relation to duties undertaken as a member of Council.  The initial term of appointment is four years extendable for a second term up to a maximum of eight years.  The Council meets four times a year and its committees typically once per term with the majority of meetings being held on the High Wycombe campus.

We are welcoming expressions of interest from all sections of our Community. We would particularly welcome applications from women, people with disabilities, people from ethnic minorities and parents of students to enable us keep a diverse membership. We are also eager to attract people who have a strong background and experience in:

  • Marketing
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Information Technology
  • Local Community
  • Local Government
  • Security
  • Health and Safety

Further information, including Role Specification, Institutional Profile and Application Form are available on the University’s website:


Applications can be made by sending the completed application form to:

Ellie Smith

Clerk to the Council,

Buckinghamshire New University,

Queen Alexandra Road, High Wycombe,

Bucks HP11 2JZ

Or by email to:  [email protected]

All applications will be considered by the Governance Committee and individuals may be invited to an informal meeting at the University prior to interview.

Applications received by 31 March 2016 will be given consideration in April 2016.  Shortlisted candidates would be invited to attend a formal interview with selection panel in May 2016 for appointments from 1 August 2016 onwards.

Prepared by Registrar (Governance) – 26 January 2016

Updated – 4 February 2016

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