Feb 112021

Learn the Keys to a High Performing Board and Transformative Volunteer Leadership Experience

Join 3 jam-packed days how to make an impact as a volunteer or board director...all from the comfort of your home / remote office.

This Summit Is For...

  • Board members
  • ​Executive Directors and Presidents/ CEOs of:
  • Charitable organizations
  • ​Foundations
  • ​Nonprofits
  • ​Associations

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • How you can inspire sustained results and consistent buy-in from all Board Members...
  • Inspire action so everyone on the board sees an impact on your mission...
  • Discover how other boards have maximized the talents and experiences of skilled professionals like yourself to make for a rewarding and fulfilling experience...
  • You'll be able to propel a transformation in your community...
  • You want to give back and make a difference with something bigger than yourself...

Don't miss this exclusive professional conference where you can engage with the people who are really making things happen in the world and putting those ideas to work in your organization.

This is a comprehensive virtual summit on the topic of how non-profits can adapt and excel.


Sabrina Walker

Supporting World Hope, President & CEO

Mark A. Pfister

CEO & Chief Board Consultant

Mary Hiland, Ph.D.

Nonprofit Leaders to Create a Paradigm Shift

Kent Stroman

CFRE, is a Published Author

Sheri Chaney Jones

Founder of Measurement Resources & SureImpact

Bob Kovacevich

Certificate Program Instructor & Management

David Doughty

Director of Executive Transitions Network,

Jane Garthson

Board member & Interim Executive Director

Alice Cochran

Nonprofit Consultant

Julie Garland McLellan

CEO, The Director’s Dilemma

Margie Warrell

Special Keynote Speaker:

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