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Going it alone as an Independent Director

GBRThe Great British Workforce Revolution conference is a must-attend event for Independent Directors, value-added Business Angels and cashed-out entrepreneurs who are interested in finding out how to prosper in the ever-evolving Independent Executive recruitment landscape.

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In light of the recent discovery that nearly half of the UK working population are not full-time employees - thus being left almost entirely to find their own work and their own contracts - this Conference aims to understand, explore and seek out the opportunities available to this increasingly popular dynamic of independent working.

The Great British Workforce Revolution conference is the only live event in the UK focused on bringing hundreds of senior level executives together in one day and in one place, alongside the key influencers in the executive recruitment industry. Come along to hear from industry experts, gain educational insight, participate in exciting debates, enjoy quality networking and hear from some excellent keynote speakers.

This year's event will be taking place on 3rd June at Dexter House, No 2 Royal Mint Court, Tower Hill, London, EC3N 4QN.

Take a look around our event website, and please do get in touch if you would like to find out more about the 2015 Workforce Revolution, or visit our registration page to BOOK YOUR TICKET TODAY!

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This year we are offering the option to purchase a 1:1 consultation with a Russam GMS Principal in addition to your ticket. This session may include CV help, career planning, sourcing NED and Trustee work, and/or an introduction to Interim Management work.

£25 of the ticket price for these consultation sessions will be donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. This charity directly supports cutting edge research to help find a cure for this terrible disease.


The Great British Workforce Revolution - 3rd June, 9.00am-5.00pm




Introductions from Chair of the Day - MODWENNA REES-MOGG


Welcome from Headline Sponsor - STEVE GILROY, CEO of Vistage


Opening Keynote Speaker - ROS ALTMANN


Special Debate 1: The next 20 years - your time, your opportunity

How are you going to maximise your opportunities in the next two decades?  In this vital debate you will learn from the experts how to make the most money and get the highest levels of satisfaction from your work and why a plural or portfolio career can be the best way to both earn and build wealth.

Panel: Stuart Lucas (Asset Match)




We need you! – 5 minute presentations from SME's looking to hire senior level expertise


Special engagement session with VISTAGE: From Success to Significance - Practical Steps to Build Your Portfolio Career

With a revolution taking place in the world of work it's critical people know what they want from their next career stage and how to get it. This session will give you some practical advice that can help you on the way to achieving greater career satisfaction - whatever you're looking to do next.


Special Debate 2: Passport to Export

It's not only British goods that are global brands.  Our senior management skills are too. Never have British interims, consultants and C level directors been more in demand outside the UK, picking up the most lucrative contracts acros the globe.  In this special session led by Jason Atkinson of Russam GMS we will reveal where the most exciting opportunities are to be found and how to win them for yourself.




Introductions from Chair of the Day


Keynote Speaker


Special Debate 3: £2,000 Tuesdays; £5,000 Fridays

Experts from the world of investment will explain how to generate an income of between £2,000 and £5,000 a day to replace the money you would otherwise have earned from working

Panel: Camilla Shaughnessy (Eventful Stays), Alex Stephany (JustPark), Mattioli Woods






Audience Discussion: What's wrong with my CV?

In the past your cv counted for everything, but in today’s rapidly changing world where references may not be taken up (after all you have been checked out on LinkedIn(!)) this interactive session will discuss how you position yourself so that you can maximise your earning potential through having the right attitude, degree of enthusiasm and level of commitment to your future employer. 

Panel: David Burdon (Simply Clicks)


Special Debate 4: Board not bored - where the best executive and non executive opportunities will be found for high flyers

Experts from leading head hunters will share with you the tips and techniques you should be using to guarantee yourself a successful board level career. There will be a special focus on issues such as quoted vs unquoted board positions and the role a Charity Trusteeship will play in your portfolio.

Panel: Tom Attenborough (London Stock Exchange), Oliver Woolley (Envestors)


Special Debate 5:  Cracking Venture Capital

With some of the best opportunities for experienced executives coming from the Venture Capital community, in this debate we will discuss everything from becoming a candidate that VCs or their portfolio companies want to hire, through to how to raise funding for a business you are working in. 


Closing Keynote Speaker - KRESSE WESLING






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