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Belinda Katharine Howell

BSc (Hons), MBA, Dip IoD

Sustainability NED

Executive & Non-Executive Director in Sustainable Business
Email: [email protected]

I am a qualified and experienced executive and non-executive director, offering cross-sectoral expertise in developing sustainability strategies that deliver profitable growth. Combining strategic leadership and business acumen with the ability to analyse complex scientific data and interpret financial information.

I offer a strong commercial background in food and farming (agriculture and aquaculture), fast moving consumer goods and retail, natural resources, environment, engineering and energy. I have a successful track record as an ambassador and representative engaging stakeholders and building relationships across public, private and non-governmental organisations. Demonstrated capability to contribute integrity and sound judgement to meetings to aid effective decision-making.

·         Sustainable Business Strategy

·         Supply Chain Management

·         Social Economic Environment Impact

·         Climate Change & Carbon

·         Non-financial Risk Audit & Assurance

·         Natural Environment & Capital

·         Engineering Environment & Renewables

·         Product Research & Development

Current Status: Looking for a NED role
Current and previous Board-level experience: Executive Board Member, Vice President Ÿ Round Table for Responsible Soy Association (RTRS) Ÿ Switzerland and Argentina (May 2013 to Present)

·         Elected to represent ten international retailers on the multi-stakeholder Board of RTRS, I contributed to leading the development and agreement of the only standard that guarantees deforestation free soy.

·         Contributed to the transformation of business strategy to deliver three times the sustainably certified area in 3 years to over 1 million hectares, producing 4.2m tonnes per annum of sustainable soy in 2016.

Board of Governors Member Ÿ Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Association (RSPO) Ÿ Switzerland and Malaysia (Nov 2009 to Present)

·         Financial Committee member overseeing ten-fold growth of the non-profit organisation to MYR 41M ($9.3M) turnover over 7 years to 2016, representing over 20% global palm oil production.

·         Elected to represent 15 international retailers on the multi-stakeholder Board. Building long-term beneficial working relationships based on trust and confidence at a senior level with major palm oil producers, processors, manufacturers, traders, financial institutions, and NGOs.

·         Interpreting complex information to identify the key sources of greenhouse gas emissions from palm oil production, I contributed to leading the development of carbon neutral palm oil plantation standard.

Independent Sustainability Panel Member Ÿ Lafarge Tarmac Ÿ Birmingham (2013 - 2017)
External Environment Panel Member Ÿ Scottish Power Ÿ Glasgow (2008 – 2013)
Non-Financial Risk, Audit & Assurance Project Director Ÿ Group Boards of HSBC, National Grid, Scottish Power, Unilever and Xstrata Ÿ London (2002 – 2006)
Diploma of Directorship, Certificate of Directorship (Distinction) Ÿ Institute of Directors Ÿ London (2015)
Career Record: Managing Director Ÿ Decarbonize Ltd Ÿ Hampshire (Apr 2008 to Present)

·         Founded the Company with the vision to accelerate businesses transition to a low carbon economy. Led strategy and business development for early stage clean technology companies, such as Intelligent Engineering, Carbon Reductions International, OneWorld Energy, New Britain Palm Oil and Unizol.

·         Interim CEO for Carbon Leapfrog, secured first cornerstone social investment philanthropic Impact Investors in the UK.  Supporting community energy project developers, gaining services from  City legal firms as part of pro-bono advice programmes.

Chief Executive Ÿ Greenstone Carbon Management Ltd Ÿ London (Nov 2006 - Apr 2008)

·         Directed all the operations to deliver carbon and supply chain information technology and data services. Secured first 12 commercial clients, including Virgin Group and retail suppliers Bagir, Ocado, and ZBD.

·         As first CEO, I transformed the business strategy, developing the investor memorandum and successfully closed the first £2M investment round.

Director of Sustainable Solutions Ÿ URS Corporation Inc. Ÿ Europe, Middle East & Africa (Sep 2002 - Oct 2006)

·         Grew new business line to $10m revenue in 4 years for the Engineering & Environment, Fortune 500 consultancy firm. Led global Mining business line with $4m revenue.

·         Won and directed strategic projects up to $1m for multi-national corporates including BP-led Baku-Tblisi- Ceyhan consortium, Anglo American, International Council for Mining & Minerals, Goldman Sachs, Coca-Cola, McDonalds and SAB Miller.

Director - Business in the Environment & Corporate Responsibility Ÿ Business in the Community Ÿ London (Dec 1998 – Aug 2002)

·         Increased participation in corporate environment index to 85 of FTSE 100. Developed Corporate Responsibility index. Grew and diversified income by licensing flagship indices to South Africa and New Zealand stock exchanges.

Group Environment & Ethical Manager Ÿ The Boots Company PLC Ÿ Nottingham (1992–1998)

·         Developing Boots brand environmental and ethical policies for product development and supply chain for the FTSE 100 Retailer. Delivered value based supply chain project to move to local manufacture in Thailand.

Chief Scientific Officer Ÿ Landbank Consultancy Ltd Ÿ London (1990–1992)

·         Analysing life cycle environmental impact of product ingredients and packaging materials.

Lead Product Research & Development Scientist Ÿ Biocompatibles Ltd Ÿ Uxbridge (1989–1990)

·         Patenting and commercialising micro-encapsulation technologies for innovative aquaculture products.

Higher Scientific Officer Ÿ Overseas Development Natural Resources Institute Ÿ London (1987-1989)

·         Researching environmental temperature adaptation and pigmentation in tropical fisheries in Indonesia. Published research findings in four papers in peer reviewed scientific journals.


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