Feb 172017

The role of Chair is sought for an ‘early stage’ business with high-growth potential

Role: Chair

Industry: Digital Publishing and Membership for Coaches

Location: Centred in the US but Building out Globally

Competitive Day Rate Post Funding + expenses

Immediate Occupancy & Interviewing Now
The role of Chair is sought for an ‘early stage’ business with high-growth potential, coaching directory and knowledge portal.  This company is starting its journey to establish a global presence to advance the knowledge and access to some of the world’s finest and most successful coaches, globally.

The Company will offer coaches a clearinghouse for information and services so that each coach can improve their market reach and effectiveness.  The company also publishes a high quality digital magazine for coaches and their clients.  The range of services include:  monthly magazine; public content; connecting with coaches; marketing for coaching services; marketing for coaches’ products/courses.

The strategy will implement the use of both direct marketing (Pay-Per-Click, Email Marketing, Paid Advertising, etc.) and indirect marketing (social media, content publishing, SEO, etc.) to generate website traffic.

The company’s website seeks to become the primary and premium branded platform for both coaches and clients, internationally.

The company has formed an impressive and ambitious executive team.  This Chairman role can be located anywhere with Skype access.

The aim of the company is to improve professionalism and expand the opportunities to find new clients and revenue sources for the global universe of approximately 53,000 Executive, Business and Life coaches. This will be the coaches’ “go-to” resource for professional development and access to new clients.

The Ideal Candidate

Previous experience in subscription based portal(s) and / or online digital publications is expected.  Plus ideally one or more successful exits.

The successful candidate will be well connected within a community of international funders.  Experience in raising $m funding rounds would be of advantage as the organisation continues to gain traction.

The role is to be pro-bono of fees until the funding is secured.  Thereafter market rates for this international chair role are to apply.  Also an investing Chair is preferred.

Role Outline

Initially to finesse the company’s investment readiness and funding strategy.  To oversee the effort to secure this initial investment.

Ongoing to work with the executives of the company to ensure that the company sets, meets and exceeds, realistic commercial goals.

Additional elements will include:

  • Oversee the building of an effective international management team
  • Oversee all aspects of corporate governance and the associated routine needed
  • Ensure that the company has sufficient financial controls in place to manage investment
  • To oversee the innovation and business planning process
  • Ensure that ongoing funding needs are planned and acted upon
  • That shareholder value is maximised with a view to an ‘exit’ event in the medium term

The role will require some travel, principally to the US.


Our client has developed a unique digital magazine for a targeted and global market.  The management have produced several issues of the magazine as a beta test to determine the size of the potential market. The team is ready to escalate entry into the digital publication industry.  The past experience of the team members and their focused marketing plan will be one of the key determinants of success.

If you would like to apply for this role then please click here.

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