Oct 112016

Gemserv Limited - Independent Non-Executive Director

London EC3M
£19,150 a year

We're seeking a new non-executive director who shares our vision and values, and will be a strong member of our Board. We are looking for candidates with independent and lateral thinking capability as well as good listening and influencing skills.

The successful candidate should have an understanding of relevant, complex, industry-wide, regulated systems and processes. They may hold (or have held) senior operations or oversight roles. They must be independent of our business and our shareholder base.

In order to bring complementary skills, fresh perspectives and constructive challenge, we would value expertise around any of: the impact of big data, analytics, smart/connected devices and information security; the challenges of growth for SMEs and the specific needs of consultancy type organisations; the creation of “challenger” businesses within established sectors; the practices of HR, legal, IT, change management, organisational transformation; and similar / adjacent regulated markets e.g. Financial services.

The successful candidate will have a sound understanding of current company legislation and corporate governance, and as such we particularly value application from candidates with governance experience and qualifications e.g. Chartered Director, FT NED Diploma, Company Secretarial qualifications. They should also bring a sound understanding of financial management, company accounts and budgetary control.


  • Promote the long-term success of the Company;
  • Support the development of a culture which is in line with the Company’s vision, mission and values;
  • Provide appropriate scrutiny to the integrity of financial information and controls;
  • Promote, protect, develop and extend the business of the Company;
  • Appointments to the Executive Team;
  • Monitor the performance of the Executive Team in meeting agreed goals and targets, including the delivery of services, improvements and financial performance;
  • Ensure that the Board acts in the best interests of the Company and its stakeholders, and is fully accountable for the services provided to clients;
  • Serve on the Board and its other sub-committees as required and in accordance with the relevant terms of reference;
  • Provide advice to the Chairman and Board on the performance of the Board, Executive Team and the appropriate levels and structure of the remuneration of Executive Directors; and
  • Participate, whenever possible, in Company events.

Recruitment Timetable

  • CV short listing: 2nd and 9th November
  • First round interviews: 21st & 24th November
  • Final round interviews: 7th & 12th December (both Am). This session will also include a presentation on a Gemserv related topic.

Interviews during both rounds will last approximately 1½ hours. Candidates should ensure they are available to attend any of the above interview dates. The timetable may vary depending on candidate response however we will endeavour to ensure any changes are kept to a minimal.

To Apply
If you would like to be considered for this role, please click here and submit the following:

  • CV;
  • A brief cover letter;
  • A short summary (max 150 words) on your interpretation of Gemserv’s Vision “to ensure that complex markets work for everyone’s benefit” within the context of the markets in which we operate; and
  • A short summary (max 150 words) on the challenges and opportunities you imagine Gemserv faces in the next few years.

If you have any further questions, please contact Mandeep Thandi, Head of HR, on 0207 090 1000.

Our People
Gemserv realises its success depends on its people and we work hard to recruit and retain the right people.

We pride ourselves on our social, inclusive, open and supportive culture. Our values (insight, collaboration, and impact) are seen every day in how we collaborate and work with each other and our clients.

Our people are integral in supporting the delivery of our successfully established, new or challenging projects and assignments. In return for their hard work and dedication, we reward them with the opportunity to establish an accelerated career, ongoing development opportunities, work life balance, and a wide range of benefits.

The Company
Gemserv is a specialist market design, governance and assurance service provider. We work at the heart of the UK’s energy, environment, water and information security sectors. Our aim is to help shape the future of these complex markets for everyone’s benefit and provide evidence based, impartial advice to our clients. We deliver high quality end to end services, from policy development and initial governance frameworks, through to solution design, build and maintenance, as well as accreditation and assurance schemes and secretariat provision. Our impressive client list includes many high profile names and ranges from government bodies/regulators to global, blue-chip corporations.

Our vision is "to ensure that complex markets work for everyone's benefit". We aim "to establish a financially, ethically and environmentally sustainable business delivering £22m revenue with a double-digit profit margin by 2021." To deliver on this we are building on our core skills to diversify our markets and offer new services.

We operate with exceptionally high levels of corporate governance, strong ethics and values and a highly collaborative approach at all levels of the organisation (www.gemserv.com).

We encourage applicants who wish to explore flexibility in working hours and location. If you would like to explore this further then please state any potential preferences at the end of the cover letter.

Salary: £19,150.00 /year

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